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Welcome to my new blog!

Dear friend,

Welcome to my new blog! Or should I say welcome back to the new existence of my blog 😝.

In fact, I first created a blog back in 2014 but I was not able to keep it up-to-date. So I just stopped writing altogether. Fast forward to 2019, I felt the urge to start sharing my experiences with others again after giving a talk on Learning how to learn at Laval University.

There is so much I have learnt and discovered over the years that needed to be shared with others. By sharing my experiences and thoughts, I hope to collect as much feedback as I can to improve on them.

I am ready to write again

So what will I be blogging about?

Well for a start, I will be blogging about my experiences working as a Software Developer. It will be a sort of journal of my software journey, from new technologies I am learning to my process of building products.

Then I will talk about Education and specially my startup RDC Etudes whose goal is to help congolese students gain access to a better education.

And lastly I will talk about congolese politics. I have created a political movement to think about ways private congolese citizens can take over the development of the country themselves without always counting on politicians.

The software developer articles will be mostly written in english and the other categories in french but still, I will try my best to have both an english and french version for popular articles.

Hopefully, this time I will be able to keep the blog up-to-date and share valuable experiences and thoughts with you.

Until next time, peace ✌🏾